About Em

Emily Goligoski is a Bay Area-based writer, researcher, and producer. She advocates for human-centric products at the Stanford Calming Technology Lab and spends her days at Mozilla talking to people about their needs and designing tools that empower them. She contributes education and health content to TechCrunch. More information can be found at her portfolio.

Emily lectures about needfinding at the Stanford design institute (“d.school”). She completed her Master’s in Learning, Design & Technology at Stanford while conducting user research at Intel Labs. She previously reported for Chicago Public Radio (WBEZ) and studied journalism at Northwestern.

She created “In Conversation,” an educational interview series for Women 2.0 with founders of Fortune 500 companies and startup enterprises to increase the number of women starting high-growth tech organizations. Emily has worked as a digital strategist for Federated Media and Ogilvy.

An avid yoga practitioner, she teaches with the Art of Yoga Project and is a board member for the International Museum of Women. Reach her here.

  1. Ana Maria Osorio says:

    LOVING YOUR BLOG!Please invite me to all the cool stuff you do!
    here is something I did while I was at school:

  2. emily w says:

    EG, I was recently given a pound of Ritual Coffee from our friend Ms. M Thompson after she was very thoughtfully sent one by you. In honor of this coffee chain, I have just sent a pound to my grandma as she is a true coffee-aholic. An intergenerational coffee tree of sorts… I will report back her thoughts! Thanks for the smooth recommendation. Hope life is good. And keep up the great training work. Hope to see you next time I am around town (mid-August)

  3. Sam Mandel says:

    Hi Emily, I saw you post elsewhere about the freight baggage backpack and how hard they are to find–having been through the same thing myself I wanted to point you in the direction of the backpacks made by Chrome, which seem very high quality although a bit short on pockets, and much more available than the elusive Poh products. I had a bad experience with a Manhatten Portage bag, but that may not be a general issue.

  4. Dave Harding says:

    Hi Emily. I found you through your post on Ink Dish over at Josh Spear. I wanted to say thanks for picking us out and let you know that I was just in San Fran and we are now available at Propeller over on Hayes. And in a random note Paul Timman, the tattoo artist who designed the plates is also from Toledo, Ohio. If you ever want to interview him or have a chat about the old days in Toledo I would be happy to pass on his contact info. All the best-

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