Dance to End Violence Against Women this Valentine’s Day

1 Billion Rising

Where will February 14 find you this year? Dancing with your neighbors, friends, and co-workers, of course!

This 15th V-Day will be the largest ever: when women and men around the world dance, sing, and shout in defiance of violence against women. I’ll be at City Hall with thousands of other San Franciscans, DJs, and Mayor Lee between 4 to 6 PM–consider it if you’re local.

One Billion Rising was created to show our collective refusal of violence aimed at women and girls. Your stomping–your sharing, your hip-waving, your shouting–is part of a global call for a better reality for 50% of the world’s population (and the people who love them).

Survivors in the Congo will be celebrating. Artists will be sharing expressions they’ve created for the day. Filmmakers will be capturing the movement, the connections, the music. And activists and supporters of women everywhere will come together to demand an end to atrocities against women. And you? What can you do?

“On the 14th, even if you’re in a field dancing by yourself, you’re going to know you’re not alone. That’s something I hope we can carry forward as we resolve to protect ourselves and our sisters.” – Anne Hathaway in conversation with Eve Ensler