A Chance to Design Open Badges for Mozilla Contributors


At Mozilla we’ve just launched a call for design submissions for new Open Badges and are seeking your creative prowess. This is part of a project to acknowledge public contributors’ work and create meaningful badges that can help them earn new career opportunities:

Attention visual designers! Are you interested in contributing to Mozilla, being part of an awesome worldwide community and having your work seen by a *lot* of people?

Our Web Development team relies on community volunteers for help with a variety of things and would like to create a series of badges to recognize these contributors for their work. Specifically, they need badges that could be earned by the following actions on Github.

* fork a site repo
* submit a pull request
* one pull request merged
* 10 pull requests merged
* 25 pull requests merged
* 50 pull requests merged
* 100 pull requests merged

These will be part of the Open Badges project – a wider network of badges that are interoperable, shareable and contain metadata so people can easily learn more about how they’re earned. The only catch is that we need someone to design them. Interested? Read on for more details.