charity: water: Birthday + Beyond

After having been fortunate to spend a few weeks in Nairobi over the past year, I’ve started to recognize the massive importance of clean water and access to sanitation. Standing in line with young mothers who wait upwards of four hours a day in line to pay for a few gallons of water has shocked me. Not just because that time could be better spent on their businesses, educations, and the many contributions they make to their communities in informal settlements–but because they frequently return home empty-handed when water supplies are low or cost-prohibitive. In lieu of other options, dirty water becomes the default solution for family drinking and cooking.

There’s something we can do about it: donating to help the not-for-profit charity: water raise money for freshwater wells, rainwater catchments and sand filters. Our funds–100 percent of them–go to improve access to fresh water in the developing world. Let’s make it happen!