Wendy MacNaughton + The Jealous Curator

  1. panzpanzpanz says:

    this is a great article. i am jealous of you both.

I’m a little nostalgic about SF lately. Between moving to Palo Alto, buying a (lil red!) car, and leaving the local Humpday Happy Hour crew, there’s a lot to reflect on. Revisiting friend and artist @wendymac’s work helps. And I’m glad that Danielle, creator of The Jealous Curator, let me feature some of it as part of her summer series. That one reader said she spent a joy-filled day visiting Wendy’s website is no surprise.

I am jealous of Wendy MacNaughton, and not just because she uses pen and color so well, but because she is more incredibly perceptive. Her phrasing and observations about people–and our own psyches–makes her work feel familiar and positively pleasurable. What began as a daily routine of sketching fellow commuters in the Bay Area has launched into a more-than-full-time career of commissions, installations and other lovely “things” (as you’ll see if you carve out time to explore the work on her site; having been there more times than you might think possible, I promise that your time clicking will be worthwhile). San Francisco has been the lucky benefactor of illustrations about local outdoor swimmers, library goers, winemakers, cartographers, and other groups that inspire MacNaughton, and I’m hopeful for many more.