On Bikes & Beauty

Should you be searching the tubes for great pants or lofts with views you can’t afford (in lieu of just walking around, say, Potrero), give Design Bureau a peak. The Chicago-based magazine recently released its inaugural issue and I was honored to review Velo, a book chock full of photos of bikes and their owners:

Most bicyclists ride for a specific reason—as a mode of transportation, a good workout or just for fun. But others ride because it’s their passion. And for these die-hard pedal pushers, Velo was created. Velo: Bicycle Culture and Design from Gestalten is a striking visual journey into the multifaceted world of cycling and the diverse tribes that inhabit it. The 240-page tome chronicles bicycles and their riders in all shapes, sizes, speeds and styles. Editor Sven Ehmann, an avid cyclist himself, created the book as a celebration of cycling as a broad, democratic cultural phenomenon. Read more.