The Future of Photobooks (& Media Monetization?)

  1. Tim says:

    More on the future of photo books from Senior Product Manager at online publisher Tim Wright:

The holidays are a perfect time to catch up on the reading that’s alluded you (even if that takes the form of unread information in open browser tabs), and I’m glad to be catching up on a collaboration by two projects I admire, the portfolio creation assistance co. liveBooks’ RESOLVE blog and Andy Adams’ curated community gallery Flak Photo. Together they solicited the ideas of art bloggers and photographers about “the most prescient innovations they’ve seen in the photobook and publishing industries,” and the result is a collection of well thought out posts that cover topics from self-publication (Jack Howard on Adorama), art buying (Heather Morton) and the usability of digital magazines (Jim Casper for Lens Culture, which includes Mag+’s eye-popping digital magazine prototype).

Adams said his motivation for asking was an eagerness “to discover new kinds of creative collaboration within the photoblogosphere and hope this will provide an opportunity for the online community to collectively learn more about the future of photography.” I hope this dialogue has wider implications than on images alone, and I think we’re overdue for more public discussion of the monetization of all creative media (potentially in the hopes of putting the 2000s and their sky-is-falling reactions behind us). In thinking about future funding for physical and online published work, I’m eager to see a) community recognition of more original and investigative work; b) authenticity, and not just in compliance with the FTC; and c) more funded channels for up-and-coming writers and artists to share their work. Too much to ask?