Masuelli Bikes

SanFranciscoAugust9th062I’ve seen more than my share of folding and alternative material bicycles (the life of an insomniac online is very chic), and they’re good-looking for the most part. But Masuelli Bikes’ single speeds really caught my eye at the SF Bike Expo this weekend, not because they’re made of bamboo but because they’re lovingly planned bicycles. Brothers Danilo and Nicolas Masuelli began building one-of-a-kind bamboo frames in Argentina four years before starting to construct them in Stockton earlier this year. Many of the parts are sourced in California, including seat collars and other metal parts from Nova Cycles in Rocklin and Newcastle-grown bamboo. Danilo describes the latter as “Nature’s carbon fiber” for the strength they provide the frames with–not to mention the artfulness.